NovaBone regenerative product lines build bone through an engineered cellular response that accelerates and activates bone cells – ‘Osteostimulation’

Controlled release of biologically active Ca and Si ions leads to the up-regulation and activation of a family of genes in osteoprogenitor cells that give rise to rapid bone regeneration. The science behind NovaBone’s bioactive technology platform is established and well-documented through a wide range of animal and human clinical studies.

Within hours of implantation, Ca and P ions, along with soluble silica, are released forming a silica-gel and hydroxycarbonate apatite layer creating an ideal environment for cellular attachment and for protein and growth factor absorption. All product lines exhibit Osteostimulation phenomenon with tremendous clinical and analytical research to support. FDA in 2005 via a special 510k acknowledged this reaction pathway as being unique to NovaBone product lines.

The cumulative effect is an increased number of cells capable of dividing and forming new bone and healing tissues.