NovaBone Dental Putty
Instructions for use
Putty has been engineered to simplify surgical procedures and is one of the easiest products to use for osseous regeneration. It is available in multiple formats – shells, syringes & cartridges. It can be placed directly into the defect and does not require any mixing or handling.

NovaBone Dental Putty

Instructions for Use

  • Putty has been engineered to simplify surgical procedures and is one of the easiest products to use clinically for osseous regeneration
  • No mixing is required
  • Putty can be placed into the defect immediately after opening the package
  • Putty is engineered such that the material cannot be over-packed into the defect site

Availability & Usage

NB Putty is available in single and multipacks with 0.5cc – 2.0cc sizes.

  • Clam Shell (Tray) –
    • Easy to handle,
    • Can be used with any hand instrument,
    • Does not stick to gloves or instruments
  • Syringe –
    • Absolutely no handling required;
    • Expressed directly into the defect site;
    • Ideal for extraction sites, sinuses, cysts, third molar extractions, etc.
  • Cartridge –
    • Snap pre-filled cartridges into the dispenser to dispense
    • Ideal for minimally invasive surgeries, hard to access defects, immediate implant surgeries, Peri implantitis cases, etc.
    • Ideal for Tunnel grafts, Osteotome Technique, Furcation defects, etc.


  • Compared to other Putty products:
    • NB Putty is available in multiple formats and sizes
    • Priced competitively and lower than most putty products
    • The only moldable Putty!
    • Best-in-class handling characteristics
    • Industry first & Unique – Cartridge Delivery System!!

Mixing with Autograft / Allograft

  • Putty does not require any mixing, however if mixing is desired with Autograft or Allograft a "layer technique" is advocated
  • Place Putty & Autograft (or allograft) in layers instead of premixing them outside
  • This will help maintain the handling properties of Putty

Use of Membrane

  • Putty demonstrates a natural ability to prevent epithelial down-growth
  • If primary closure is achievable, no membrane is required
  • Membrane not required
    • Periodontal surgeries / Furcation surgeries
    • Small extraction sockets
    • Cystic regeneration with mucosal coverage
  • Membrane required
    • Large extraction sockets
    • Ridge Augmentation
    • Large Fenestration/Dehiscence

Unique Usage

  • Putty can be used in unique ways and indications
  • Putty is the easiest to use around implants during immediate implant surgeries as it provides good surface adaptation against the implant surface
  • Putty is ideal for furcation defects where most particulate materials have retention issues
  • Also in ridge augmentation surgeries in the mandible, where putty can be molded to the desired shape