ACE ConFORM™ Membrane

ZERO Memory, Memorable Handling.

ConForm™ Membrane, (like RCM6®) is Type I bovine collagen. Its zero memory characteristics allow it to conform to any surgical defect when it becomes hydrated.


  • Adapts and adheres effortlessly to surgical site
  • Guides healing of bone and soft tissue
  • Predictable resorbtion time

Typical Uses

  • Ridge Augmentation
  • Bone Regeneration around Implants
  • Extraction Sites
  • Periodontal Defects
  • Sinus Window
  • 509-1520 ConFORM Membrane, 15x20mm
    509-2030 ConFORM Membrane, 20x30mm
    509-3040 ConFORM Membrane, 30x40mm



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