NovaBone Products was established in 2002 as a separate entity from the parent company US Biomaterial Corporation with a focus on developing bone graft substitutes that would meet the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons.

The technology cornerstone of NovaBone’s formulations is based on 30 years of research in bone regeneration and development of a bioengineered material “bioactive glass” because of its complement of elements naturally found in the human body. This baseline technology was first introduced to the marketplace as a periodontal device and was known and further studied through its trademarked name PerioGlas®. NovaBone Putty products were introduced in 2006 – 07 and second generation macroporous particulate and putty forms were launched in 2011 for Orthopedic and in 2014 for Dental indications.

NovaBone has developed numerous formulations and delivery systems of its patented, bioactive technology platform that results in accelerated bone growth. The exclusively formulated bone graft substitute has been used for the repair of osseous defects throughout the skeletal system for over a decade and used in over a million clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of NovaBone's technology.

NovaBone Products has continued conducting a vigorous new product development program for bone graft substitutes that meet desired performance and handling characteristics. There also has been a greater emphasis on collagen products and collagen composite products that will further enhance the regenerative offerings. In August 2014, after FDA 510k approval, NovaBone US launched two new products based on the combination of bioactive glass and bovine collagen and in January 2015, NovaBone received 510k approval for their Dental Collagen Wound Dressing products.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, NovaBone has operations and R&D facility in Alachua, FL. In March 2014, NovaBone relocated into a 30,000 square feet building in Alachua, Florida more than doubling the previous footprint and combining the company’s manufacturing and R&D operations under one roof.

NovaBone has a sales office in Shanghai, China and in 2012, NovaBone Products Pvt. Ltd was established in Bangalore, India as a sales and marketing office to support the growing user base in the region.